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What are Web Push Notifications & How they can Boost Conversions

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Email Marketing, Featured, PPC & Advertising

How Website Push Notifications Can Increase Conversions on Your Website

Push notifications, or alerts, are a fantastic way to grow your website’s traffic and increase customer engagement but are often overlooked when creating a marketing strategy. In this post, I am going to inform you how to use web push notification messages to boost your website’s conversions and how you can automate most alerts to save you time. I will teach you the best methods of installing them, how to choose a suitable platform and what would be the best time to send your notifications.


What is a web push notification?

Push notifications have evolved throughout the history of the web. While traditionally associated with mobile apps, you can actually receive alerts through most modern web browsers on desktop and Android. This is handy to be notified about important news or actions required on the website.

How the push notifications work is when you land on a website, you will see a bell icon that let’s you allow or dismiss push notifications on your device (sometimes after a time delay). The latest Google Chrome browser may require you to unblock the notification if your privacy settings are strict.

Once you opt-in, you will then be able to see web notifications appear in your browser. If you are using macOS, they will also appear in your system notification centre.

The website owner will be able to send you both manual and automated alerts which can range from new blog posts, recommended products, price drops or even alerts about your order being dispatched. Send notifications at the right moment to the right user and you can significantly improve your engagement and conversion rate.

push notifications

Push technology

duplicated overhead costs. Web Notifications are part of W3C standard and defines an API for end-user notifications. A notification allows alerting the user


What about iPhone?

Apple’s iPhone software currently blocks the use of push notifications on websites. I believe the reason for this is to protect its app store, ensuring developers don’t leave the app store and create a cheaper and easier-to-maintain web app. Hopefully, in the future, this will change as many companies are being forced to standardise technology to avoid monopoly (like with USB-C chargers). Android, however, is 100% on board with web push notifications so you can still target a large percentage of your audience with web push notifications.


Automate your push notifications to save you time

While website administrators can send manual push campaigns, there are also several ways to automate this, saving you time and letting you set and forget this channel. Here are some of the top push notification automations…

WooCommerce Automation

Connect your WooCommerce website and let your website automatically send push notifications based on:

👉 Abandoned cart

👉 New product

👉 Price drop

👉 Sale price

Having this in place makes your WooComerce web-store a selling powerhouse! And this is just the start, new avenues are coming out all the time so you can expect deeper integration with many shopping features like wish-lists.


Social Media Integration

What is more annoying than posting content – posting it twice! Connect to Twitter and when you post a tweet, your push audience will be notified too! Great for short and sweet news or product updates.

Blog & RSS Feeds

Posting articles regularly? When they get published, let your audience hear about them first, increasing organic traffic to your website straight away.


Segment your audience

Effective digital marketing is all about relevancy, and to do this you need to market to the correct audience. When you set up your web push notification service, ensure you are splitting your audience based on interested product categories or services so you don’t advertise female clothing to a male, which would likely have the opposite effect and increase your opt-outs.

In your push notification campaign dashboard, you should be able to set up tags and segmentation rules that can automatically manage this based on visited pages, devices or user location.

push notifications


How to integrate web push notifications

Web push notifications are great for companies that want to increase customer loyalty and retention. You can use a third-party platform like Send Pulse and integrate it yourself but they can be a complicated process as they require some technical knowledge to implement plugins or HTML/CSS code. The easiest way to benefit from web push notifications is to let your website designer implement them.

WordPress or Shopify Websites

These are the easiest to work with as they have direct integrations with most web push notification services. Install the plugin and configure your account online to send alerts. However, segmentation and automation can involve some extra technical steps.

Other website builders

Most web platforms can be used with web push notifications, but if you are not using a popular CMS, then you will need to manually install files in the websites root folder and add HTML to the sites header in order to send web push notifications.

When you set up your push notification, depending on your provider, you will also need to use CSS to edit the style of the pop-up alerts or widgets.


Let me help with your push notifications

Jennings Media offers affordable managed push notification services which include installation, optimization and ongoing management to keep your visitors engaged with your website. I will be on hand to support your business and help you send the right messages at the right time . Contact Jennings Media today to learn more.

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