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There is a lot to think about when it comes to email marketing, from GDPR to list management, building opt-in forms and connecting different systems together to work automaticlly. That’s before you’ve even started building your email campaign. For a low monthly fee, Jennings Media will setup and manage all your email marketing lists and campaigns so you can focus on your sales.

Design & Send Emails

At your request, we will design and send your email campaign to your subscribers list. We can design email headers/footers and use your logo and brand colours. All we ask is that you provide the text that you want to be displayed in the email and we will format and develop the email for you.

Use your own Custom Domain

We can help you setup your domain to authorise email campaigns to be sent from your domain.

Connect to 250+ External Platforms

Email sign ups can occur from many places like lead generation forms, checkouts and through CRM’s. We can connect to over 250 different platforms to automaticly transfer emails collected to your marketing lists that happen almost instantly when they are added. 

Opt-in Forms & GDPR

We will setup optin forms that are GDPR compliant and allow the user to unsubscribe at any time for full compliance.

Please ensure you collect your emails from intrested leads. Cold email lists will not be accepted.


Autoresponders are handy to provide a fresh subscriber with a welcome email after signing up. However, we can also add a new email every X hours/days after the welcome email to soft sell your product/service or educate your audience.


An example of what we can setup is:

When a subscriber [clicks] on a button in [email campaign 1] that directs to [external website with product A], add a tag labeled [product A] then [send an email] cross promoting product A to seal the deal.

Note that creation of an automation email like in this example will count as a new email designed by us – however once this is setup there is no limit to how many times this can be fired. Tag automations are created free of charge at your request.


In automation we mentioned how tags can be added to a subscriber based on their user actions inside email campaigns.

Users with a specific tag can then be added to a segmented list, which is like a group within your main list. 

These users can then be send specific emails tailored to them. For example, if your email campaign contains several hotels, you can tag users who click hotel A, and then provide them information tailored to hotel A throughout the year. 

Base Package

  • No limits on emails sent
  • Opt-in form creation (GDPR Compliant)
  • Connect forms from over 250 top software providers for automatic additions
  • We can setup rules where new subscribers get automatic emails explaining your products/services
  • Send from your domain name
  • Request campaign anayltics at any time
  • Email automations based on user actions (open email etc)
  • Segmentation


Our monthly price includes everything in the base package. For fair pricing, we charge per email campaign designed & sent by us so you can broadcast to your subscribers as little or as often as you need to.

Limited time pricing:

  • < 1,000 Subscribers £39.95 pm
  • < 3,000 Subscribers £59.95 pm
  • < 5,000 Subscribers £79.95 pm
  • < 10,000 Subscribers £129.95 pm

Per email campaign (broadcast) we design and send to your list: £45

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