Six Social Network Metrics to Determine Your Digital Success

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

So you have actually had your social networks accounts set up for a long time now and your actively running campaigns, engaging with your community and running paid advertising to increase brand awareness. But how do you understand what is working for your brand and what isn’t?

Number of Fans and Growth

Any brand’s objective is to grow their fans. The more fans, the more audience they have to promote a services or product online. The amount of page fans that you have programs how many users have an interest in engaging with your brand name. So if you are regularly growing in fans then this shows that your doing something right on your social networks accounts.

Referred Traffic

Referral traffic is utilized to describe visitors that come from direct links on your site rather than direct or through a search engine. It’s a truth that users are going to discover the most information from your website and not your social media pages. This isn’t always a bad thing. This presents the difficulty of how you are going to redirect visitors from your website to your social media channels.


Engagement on social networks measures the remarks, likes and shares that your content produces. This need to be thought about as the most essential thing to determine in reflection of your activity. And, the best method to better comprehend your audience’s interests is to engage with them.

User Likes and Shares

When you understand what your audience would like to know will inform you of what you should be publishing on social networks. Having this understanding can permit you to create a rich editorial calendar of material ahead of time. The more shares that your material gets the more than you understand that you have actually published something that resonates with your audience.


An influencer is a social networks user that has actually developed credibility in a particular market through their content over time. Influence is a relatively new metric to determine and in some ways also a questionable one. Even if a social networks user has a big fan base doesn’t actually indicate that they can have an impact over their fans. Nevertheless, based upon previous actions can enable a brand to make forecasts as to who will have influence in the future. This type of metric can allow a brand name to strategy who to connect to for future social networks projects.

S.O.V– Share of Voice

Share of Voice measures just how much of a conversation with the target audience your brand name owns versus competitors. Getting mentioned on social networks is fantastic however it does not present the current opportunities that a brand name can infiltrate their social networks. Nevertheless, when you track share of voice you can observe these points out and compare them to your rivals. Tracking share of voice is ideal for seeing what resonates with your audience.