PPC Management

Google Ads

We specialise in the most popular search engine: Google Ads  (formally AdWords)

Live Reporting

We offer a personalised live repors dashboard free of charge to all PPC clients


We took the exam and have been Google Ads certified and have several years experience in PPC

target your future customers

Advertising using Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms like Google let’s you direct targeted traffic to your website who are activly looking for a business like yours, giving you higher conversion rates at lower budgets.

gathering leads

Pay per click ads are not just about online purchases. We have developed our own landing page solution with smart lead generation forms with integrations with Hubspot so you can easily collect and manage your leads from a single dashboard.

our platforms

While we focus on the main PPC platform, Google Ads (AdWords), we do also work with other platoforms including Facebook Ad Manager. Each platform has there pros and cons and can help your business in different ways. Speak to us today to discuss the best platform for your business.

Setup Package

  • Discuss your campaign requirements
  • Create Google Ads account
  • Research competitor keywords
  • Shortlist & add keywords for campaign
  • Craft several ad copies to A/B test
  • Add engaging ad extentions
  • Add location, time & device filters
  • Create your landing page (optional)
  • Setup conversion/call tracking
  • Choose the best campaign goal settings
  • Set budgets & bids for keywords

Care Plan

While PPC campaigns give you instant results, they require constant maintance to reach its best potential and can take months to reach it’s top performance. Take advantage of our monthly management plan for us to take care of your campaign…

  • Monitor & adjust keyword bids
  • Keep on top of budgets
  • Create new A/B tests for ad copy
  • Includes hosting for landing pages (optional)
  • Live reports that can be viewed 24/7
  • Support with your campaign results
  • Experimenting with new campaign strategies
  • Updating business information/special offers

Extra Services

These add-ons help boost conversions and can be added to any setup or management plan… 

  • Custom designed landing pages
  • Additional campaigns
  • Google My Business setup

Get Started right now

We look after the 'little guys'

We take great pride in getting small businesses online in front of their target audience. From sole traders to veteran business owners, we walk you through every step of the way. Let us be your marketing team!

the sweet spot

We're not a traditional marketing agency but we are far from freelancers. Jennings Media using industry-leading software mixed with some creative sparks giving you a personalized service which works for your business at an affordable price.

Working with you

While we are an expert in marketing, you are an expert in your business. We work with you from start to finish to make sure you and your customers are happy. Our client portal (V2) offers project colaboration so you can make notes, tasks, manage deadlines and files in one simple dashboard.