Creating Strong Headlines With Curiosity

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

There’s an old saying curiosity killed the cat. Let’s face the facts; cats aren’t the only creatures that get sucked into a whirlpool of curiosity. Every day we find ourselves bombarded with moments of curiosity. The best example headlines!

Headlines either suck us into their vacuum or repel us instantly. How many times have you picked up the newspaper and found yourself scanning the pages because a headline caught your attention?

Marketing experts know that headlines are just as powerful in their direct mail campaigns as they are on the front page of the newspaper. The difference? Attention-getting headlines on your flyer make money!

But what does it take to create powerful headlines?


3 Foolproof Secrets for Creating Power-Packed Headlines


1. Telegraph the Offer
This might be a little tricky to pull off, but the secret is to present your offer in a way that screams read me without giving away the guts of the offer. You should focus on one feature of your product or service and come up with a snappy statement that raises the readerís eyebrows.

A company that sells bread makers may use a headline like this:
Never Buy Another Loaf of Bread!


2. Emphasize the best Aspect of the Offer
What is the most attractive feature of your product or service: price, time-saving, quality, uniqueness? You can use this aspect to come up with a unique headline that wows the reader into investigating further.

A cleaning service may use a headline like this:
What Could You Do With 520 Extra Hours This Year?


3. Target the Reader
It feels great when your unique niche is recognized. Know who youíre talking to before you write the headline. When your reader feels like you know who they are, theyíll be more likely to read on.

Do you have a mailing list of working women? Use the words they will identify with career or working woman in your headlines.


Use any one of these techniques to increase your profits, or incorporate all three to skyrocket your next campaign! Not to mention saving big bucks by not having to hire a copywriter for each flyer.