Best Practices for Video on Social Media

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

It’s the year of video! Simply joking, however not actually. Video is continuing to be a major focus in material marketing, specifically when it pertains to social media. The big social players, meaning Facebook, are actively making updates to show that they’re relocating a video focused instructions and according to Social Media Today, 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019! Video is specifically crucial for retail with 64% of customers purchasing a product online after viewing a video on it.

To show simply how crucial video on social is, SmallBizTrends discovered that social video produces 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

So to ensure you’re remaining ahead of this growing pattern, I’ve laid out the very best practices for online video in basic & & for video throughout the significant social media players to assist you get begun!

Please keep in mind these are basic recommendations and can differ depending on your industry.

Online Video Finest Practices

  1. Establish your Technique– guarantee that you have a clear business goal, target customer & & define the theme of your video.
  2. Keep Mobile Top of Mind
  3. Focus on content that will link and influence your consumers to act

Now we’ll go through some of the most popular social channels and talk about optimal video lengths and content finest practices.


Video Length: max upload 45min

Content: When creating content for Facebook try to think about content that will stop your consumer as they scroll. There is a heap of video on Facebook so you wish to guarantee your content stands apart. Try testing both short form and long form content (1min 30sec for organic posts &&:06 sec,:15 sec,:30 sec or up to 1min for paid Facebook ads)


Video Length: Instagram Stories– 15sec (can develop numerous stories the build a bigger story for organic publishing) Instagram Feed– 1min

Material: Instagram, specifically Instagram stories, is an excellent method to show “behind the scenes” content or more of your company’s culture. It is likewise a terrific way channel to use for teasing blog or brand-new content on your website.


Video Length: 15min however you can request approval to upload longer content (maximum duration after requesting extension is 12 hours)

Content: According to Google, the leading four content classifications on YouTube are comedy, music, entertainment/pop culture & &”how to”. However, you can still get important awareness for your brand even if you do not suit one of these categories. Some extra popular content topics are evaluations, consumer testimonials, Q&A s and item presentations.


Video Length: max upload length is 2min and 20sec

Content: Shorter content tends to perform better on Twitter which implies your videos require to get right to the point and have an easy message. Twitter also recommends that you consist of subtle branding where it makes no

Finally, do not be afraid to evaluate out the very same video across various social channels. Only a small portion of your consumers (incredibly brand patriots) will follow you throughout all channels. Most of your consumers will likely just follow you on one specific platform. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to bear in mind the optimal lengths for video content throughout various platforms and create a range of cut downs of your video to meet those needs.

If you have concerns about integrating video into your marketing method through social or just in basic, do not hesitate to contact Jennings Media to discuss your video method.