7 reasons your social media activity is failing

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

If used effectively, social networks can be a terrific tool. You can use it to engage with consumers past, present and future, utilize it to increase awareness of your brand name, or perhaps generate sales or leads for your service. Many companies discover themselves in a position where they have social media channels, however they aren’t being used to their capacity. Their projects are under-performing, natural posts get little to no traction and paid marketing isn’t achieving the desired outcomes. Why is this? In this post, we have a look at seven reasons that your social networks projects are falling flat.

4 Seven reasons why your social media activity is falling flat

Absence of objectives’ Fail to strategy, plan to fail’as the old saying goes! If you don’t put any objectives in location of what it is you’re attempting to achieve then how can you create appropriate material, engage with the ideal people, post at the correct time … the list could go on! It’s definitely crucial that you plan and consider what you desire completion result of your activity to be.


This point probably applies to paid projects instead of natural activity, however it might be applied to both. Probably the secret to delivering an effective project is by understanding the audience you want to target, and the only method you can genuinely comprehend this is by undertaking research study. Examine your demographics correctly– who makes up your audience? Are they male, aged 35-54, thinking about sports? Are they female, aged 18-32, and delight in going to the cinema? The reality is, you will not understand unless you investigate! Conduct studies, use Facebook’s advertising platform or perhaps utilize your own CRM data to discover out who you should be targeting with your campaigns.

Using the wrong platform

This next point strongly relates to the previous one. Rather than spreading the very same material across numerous channels, pick a channel which is most used by your audience. If you’re a company who offer B2B, then your main channel will be LinkedIn. If your brand name is B2C, your audience is mostly female and under 30, then Instagram is most likely to work effectively for you, although this may also depend upon the nature of your item or service. This is incredibly leading level insight and based upon standard insight information which is readily offered, so don’t go hurrying off to set-up any campaigns today! A minimum of read the remainder of the blog site initially …

Boring Content

There’s nothing even worse than boring material on social networks … If your audience thinks your material is uninteresting, they’re not going to engage with it. It does not matter how much you attempt, it’s not going to fly! You need to make certain that the content you’re producing is of interest to the audience you’re intending it at. Do some research. What’s being spoken about? What’s topical in the industry? Can you relate in popular culture to your specialism?

Poor quality material

Poor quality material is simply as bad as boring content. Poor quality doesn’t always imply the quality of the writing is bad, it might be that the incorrect hashtags have actually been used, a broken link has been published, or that an image has been utilized which isn’t the appropriate size for the platform it has actually been published on. Although instances such as these will make your service look less than professional, they are most likely to differ in regards to the unfavorable effect they have on your business, depending on the market you are in. For example, if you are a legal or monetary services company, you want to show that you are professional, take pride in your work and have outstanding attention to detail. Errors such as those mentioned above suggest the opposite of the traits you want to represent.

You’re not engaging with relevant individuals

Not to be confused with audience targeting, this is more about engaging with relevant individuals or brand names within your industry enough on your social media platforms. It’s something which lots of companies already do; you only have to take a look at , and several train business for examples of how well they engage with other business, and the attention which it gets them at the same time. In addition to this, engaging with your audience, whether they’ve left feedback, tweeted about a product or have just revealed an interest in your service or products, is essential to acquiring the regard and admiration of your fans.

Your agency isn’t good enough

There are a whole host of highly-qualified, social networks marketing companies out there, ourselves included, however regrettably, there are a number of companies who aren’t certified, haven’t got the experience they claim to have, and ultimately, aren’t extremely excellent. Either that, or they’re simply aren’t concentrated on results enough.

If things aren’t matching your existing agency, consider changing them. As we have actually alluded to, there are a lot of companies out there who are respectable and have a clear performance history of providing results.

Additionally, take your marketing in-house. It seems like an odd thing to state originating from an agency, doesn’t it? Some organisations reasonable much better when they have a skillset in-house, particularly those in the SME bracket. This is since they can have someone concentrated on their social networks or larger marketing method full-time, as opposed to paying a month-to-month retainer to a company which will just go so far in regards to hours. A firm needs to be an extension of your marketing team, which complements and supports on activity you’re currently carrying out, and that which you are yet to do. Agencies are normally filled with creatives and people who have substantial experience and have extensive knowledge in the marketing sphere, and so it’s an ideal arrangement to utilize them as an extension of your group.